Until we close our eyes for good (3/3)

Money don’t grow on trees (2/3)

There ain’t no rest for the wicked (1/3)

If you could be any Wicked role, who would you be? • • • #wicked #wickedmusical #stephaniejblock #broadway #musical #theatre

Suuuch a drag queen I loooove her!! #onceuponatime #once #zelina #wicked

This journey back to Oz has been #wicked -ly wonderful. A huge thank you to @wicked_musical for the opportunity to revisit this magical show in the place where it first began which was a pivotal point in my young-errrrr adulthood. Thank you to the incredible cast and crew for your warm welcome and fun (but professional 🤫) backstage antics. I will miss you all. Until next time... #changedforgood (I had to!)

what is your least favorite broadway musical?? -l

Rainbow sherbet🍧