It's time to kill dat body fat 3:) #timetodie

Took a nap, on the couch so I don’t mess my bed up, a trick i leaned in AIT. Don’t sleep on your bed if you don’t want to mess it up xP haha! Now time for a run. Made a goal to do 1 long cardio at least thrice a week of not every day. #Timetodie #cardio #doordie

Ha I didn’t try on 10-15 outfits this am that’s insane hbu?

Farewell, and thank you old friend, you have served me well. Unfortunately I have given you one hit, or drop too many. Time for you to retire to the great bicycle farm beyond. . . Luckily I noticed the cracked and delaminating chainstay before I took it out on the trail today. #yeticycles #asr5c #yetitribe #crackedchainstay #mtblife #mountainbike #carbonbikefail #timetodie

The craziest train platform ever. In order to go to platform 2 you have to cross the tracks. Come on Germans! You can do better! #timetodie #germanmoreno