🔥Tatuaje que realiza hace varios días , el diseño fue traído por la clienta , pero como siempre modificamos algo 🔥 - - - - - - - - - - - - ➡️Por consultas o diseños de este stylo por MD 📩📩📩 #familyinktattoo #tattoo #tattoos #tattooer #tattooist #tattooing #tattoolife #lifetattoo #tattoolove #lovetattoo #roses #ink

@victorptt primeira de muitas irmão tmj sempre. Para agendamentos (82)996578144 / 30286303 #hanneferreiratattoo #tattooist #tattooer #tattoo_artwork

Three Kings is excited to announce a new artist to our team @brianbowertattoo You can find Brian at our Brooklyn location Monday through Thursday. Brian specializes in a stylized black and grey mixing traditional Americana and Japanese imagery. So go give him a follow and stop in for an appointment!

Little behind the scenes action of tattooing Sweet Baby Zac (@byrd_tattoos) this morning. This tough dude got tattooed on the back of his thigh before his shift and then sat on it tattooing all day w/o bitching once. Let’s all be like Zac. Or at least give him a follow bc he’s a talented dude and he’s almost at 1k