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Kissing the clouds.

Storm. 'nuff said.

Morning world. I’m realizing that there are many new humans stepping my IG world, & I wanted to stop & Intro myself, & say THANK YOU for being here. My name is kori, these days I have been referring to myself as a Phoenix bird because rising from the ashes has been the greatest thing I have done in these past 7 years. I’m a recovering alcoholic - that doesn’t define me - but it’s something I am so proud of myself for (the recovering part), and something I feel grateful for daily. I pray a lot; I am not religious by any means, but I am in awe at the intelligence that forms the very foundation of this existence. I love running stairs, dancing at raves, & crafting elixirs. SELF-CARE is what I have dedicated my personal life too, as well as my professional life. I teach humans to rise from the ashes, I hold space for them to heal their own hearts, I teach food rituals + reverence, I am an advocate for SELF-LOYALTY. When we place self 1st, when we are fierce in self-love, we have more to give to the world. Mother Earth has been my single greatest teacher, she is literally like a mother to me. I love music & usually I play the same song on repeat. I dance in the light these days but it wasn’t always so. I have a deep history of all the dark stuff - abuse, addiction, depression, self harm, eating disorders. I’m divorced. I know what it’s like not to want to be alive. I write because it’s healing for me, I pray because it helps me to surrender. Gratitude is a guiding force in my life. I was once a vegetarian, I am now on a keto diet, which I LOVE. I am a holistic nutritionist + life coach. I coach humans one on one & in group settings. I am an author and a public speaker. My life is a values driven existence. Community is SO important to me. I am super intuitive, and deeply sensitive. I’m extroverted with a giant need for alone time. I speak 1 language, and about 5 words of the new one I’m learning (Hebrew). Today my heart is happy; I’ve been in the fire, I know the pain, I’ve seen death, but I rose. I surrendered. I became willing. I focus daily on my faith, my sobriety, my health and my self care. I’d rather be barefoot, and I love spring.