Cigarette break.

Underneath it all, under all the colors, cracks and dirt, we are the same A self portrait series, inspired by painting with my children. My sons and I are were finger painting, at one point I placed my hand in the mixed up paint, when I looked at my palm it reminded me of the world and the many different beings that occupy it. I looked at my children, and thought about how they view things, how those views will change with the influences around them. I thought about the diversity of the human race and how we view each often through a lens built by the overwhelming amount of input from everything around us. It is hard to step back at times to separate our selves from that programmed being to find that child again. The one who sees thing in simplicity, without the pressure and clutter. When we boil it all down, we are all human, we all feel, experience, and learn. Though we do these things in differing ways, we still follow the same fundamental paths. When the skin is shed and one looks past all the physical values and the masks that we wear, we are the same inside, and have the same basic human needs. This is one of many I will be posting. Prints and other products will be available in the near future for this series imagery. #selfportrait #selfie #painting #art #creativephotography #photographyart #stonetouchphotography #reflection #unity #weareallone #weare #bodypaint #portraitphotography #creative #abstract #unique #emotional #photooftheday #dailyphoto #lookoftheday #perspective #inspired #photoart #somethingdifferent #meaningful