Experimenting with mixed media

The paper is taller than me! 😁 Painted with India ink and a bit of watercolor. . . #ink #inkdrawing #watercolor #cherryblossom #art #painting

messing around with my white gel pen, and for some reason my phone won't pick up the purple background :(

If you need me I’ll be sitting here in a dark room taking black and white photos of myself wondering why I’m not doing literally any other thing.

I am organizing all my art in my new studio. Just seeing everything I've done makes me remember how happy drawing makes me. That being said, if it peaks your interest, over the next few days while I finish setting up my studio, I'm going to post some of my favourite drawings I've made and talk about reasons why I haven't be drawing. It's going to get real honest. So without further ado, below I'm going to talk about a factor that has largely contributed to my lack of drawing for so long.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As many of you know, I haven't been drawing much for a while now. I didn't have the space and it felt like a huge chore to design even the simplest of things. I had a tiny table most of my drawings were bigger than and my chair was my bed which was too low to accurately draw, plus it really fucked with my back.. being hunched over for long hours sucks. But now I have the space, and the first thing I noticed is that I've become so hesitant with my drawing decisions because I became used to having to make it right on the first try and that's not my style. I like drawing various drafts of situations before I decide what I want. I like to visually play designs out. That being said, I'm going to try and break that restricted mindset because I can now refine designs easily and have the ability to experiment again. It isn't going to happen overnight, but the only thing standing between me and drawing now is me. I will turn it around. ----------------------------------------------------------------- #pokemon #pokemongo #zelda #drawing #donkeykong #guelph #yoshisstory #guelphartist #guelphart #botw #illustration #pencilcrayon #lionking #bigmouth #avatarthelastairbender #guelphart #sokka #design #illustration #fantasy #fantasyartist #fantasyart #inkdrawing #shark #90s #pencil #okami #twilightprincessHD #colouring #beprepard #charizard #azula

5.25.18. - For a revisionist state negotiation constitutes war.

. . (?) 2018 15cm x 10cm Micron Pens on Paper Clay . . . I'm quite pleased that I completed my Mountain Challenge week ( last week ). It was a lot of fun using different mediums on different 'canvases'. . It was really fun ( but extremely challenging) to draw on the clay because I never bothered to make the surface smooth. It has so much bumps, textures, and cracks. I wanted it to be very organic ( but unfortunately you can't see them in the photo 😅) . . Ps: This was actually supposed to be part of the challenge week but the clay never completely harden, so I had to skip it. __________________________________________________ #inkredible #inkdrawing #inkwork #inkstagram #inkaddict #inkillustration #dotwork #pointillism #sketch_daily #inkspiration